Montero secures tix for National SCUAA chess tournament

TALISAY CITY- University of Antique (UA) chessplayer, Jasper J. Montero, 18, stood firm as he tallied 2.5 securing his ticket for the national meet after a successful tournament in chess men at the regional SCUAA, February 5.

Montero, a BS Electronics Engineering freshman, hooked the first place against nine opponents in chess men board 3 qualifying for playoffs against four remaining state universities and colleges namely: University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), Central Philippine State University (CPSU), West Visayas State University (WVSU), and Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC).

Battling for a spot to represent Region VI in the National SCUAA, Montero faced four representatives from UPV, CPSU, WVSU and CHMSC.

They were allotted 15 minutes each in round robin game set in order to choose only three qualifiers.

“Jasper is very dedicated in terms of his games and is a well-disciplined chess player. He did his best to win not only for himself but for being the representative of [UA]. We would practice every day on training schedules and meet up during our free time just to enhance our skills in order to be the Antique’s pride” said Gerald Magbanua, silver medalist in board 4 men’s category.

Montero gained 0.5 points on a draw match against Vincent Paul Garbino of WVSU and another draw with 0.5 points against Luigi Diala of UPV.

The match became more intense when Luigi Diala of UPV and Vincent Garbino of WVSU earned 1.5 points each making Montero short in points to qualify.

Time ticked and the game was almost over, it was a total game changer when he won against Mico Villanueva of CHMSC adding 1 point to his score.

“I almost flagged down in my game against Villanueva, at that time I got nervous. He called for three fold repetition violation against me but it was not considered because on the third move I put the queen on a different position,” Montero detailed.

Jasper J. Montero gaining 1 point after winning via flag down against Mico Villanueva of CHMSC.

Time ran out and Montero was announced winner of the game via flag down and Villanueva conceded defeat.

He managed to advance but the situation got more critical for what would be his standing with his last opponent.

After a short deliberation with Mr. Richard Garcia, coach, he added another 0.5 points with a draw match against Devin Molijona of CPSU.

Montero draws the game against Devin Molijona of CPSU.

“It’s not all about winning the game, it’s a matter of strategy. I followed what my coach advised me because when I lose on my last match I will not qualify anymore knowing to myself that I can win against him but it’s better to play safe and secure my trip for National SCUAA,” Montero added.

The University of Antique chess men team together with their coach Mr. Richard Garcia and chess tournament managers.

Overall, Jasper Montero of UA, Luigi Diala of UPV and Vincent Paul Garbino of WVSU tied their scores tallying in 2.5 points each completing the Regoin VI team together with Juluis Selibio and Joshua Aniken Acusta of Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT-U) for National SCUAA Meet 2020.


Author: theprismdaily

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