UA Men’s Athletics Team hailed overall champ

BAGO CITY – Team UA hoped to be overall champion and it happened when they hauled 13 gold, five silver and five bronze medals in athletics.

 Ronnie J. Blase races on track. He eventually hooked his second gold in 3000m steeplechase.

University of Antique (UA) Athletics Team impressed spectators for hooking the 1st gold and silver medal, respectively, via Vence Ian Salvaleon and Ronnie Blase in 1500m at the opening day of RSCUAA Track and Field competition on February 2 at Manuel Y. Torres Sports Center, Bago City.

The two managed to lead the race as tension built up lap by lap and in the last 50 meters approaching the finish line, Salvaleon poured out his remaining strength finishing with the time of 4 minutes and 31 sec.

“We have stetted our mindset to become the overall champion this year with the motivation of our coach but our confidence partially went down after seeing the venue because we used to train on rubberized track and our expectations weren’t met,” Vence Ian Salvaleon, gold medallist, remarked.

Golds started to pour in when Neil John Lacerdo continued the good start of Salvaleon as he bagged the second gold in 5000m with his best time of 17 minutes and 31 sec. while Artemio Samillano II got the bronze in the same category.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Blase also snatched gold in 800m in just 2 minutes and 5 secs while Lacerdo got his first silver with his 2 minutes and 7 secs time.

On the other hand, Kenneth Joy Elipio heaved her way to silver in the shotput with the distance of 8 meters and 79 centimetres and bronze on discuss throw with the distance of 24 meters and 24 centimetres.

Additionally, Regie Magno speared bronze in Javelin throw with the distance of 39 meters and 48 centimetres.

Furthermore, Renamie Gregorio leaped her way to bronze in high jump with 1 meter and 50 centimetres height.

“It was a tight fight with Antique last year, we lack in training and preparation for this year because we only trained for two weeks and four times a week. Another factor that affected my performance is that I’m already on the job training this semester. Well, congratulations to the winners and to my team, better luck next time,” said Joey Lorence Dela Cruz, gold medallist in 400m Low Hurdle from Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC).

The Gold Machine Gets Full

The competition started to heat up on the last day as each team dashed to earn more golds.

In the morning event, Argielito Escopolo clinched silver medal in 400m dash with a time of 52 minutes and 92 secs and bronze on 200m dash sprint with his best time of 23 minutes and 50 secs.

Argielito A. Escopolo passes the baton to Ronnie J. Blase; game changer in 4x400m relay with a very close fight with Northern Polytechnic State College (NIPSC).

The scorching heat of the sun ignited the burning desire to triumph of the athletes as they battled for gold in 4x100m relay composed by Salvaleon, Blase, Escopolo and Anjo Roma and 4x400m relay was composed of Lacerdo, Salvaleon, Blase and Escopolo.

 Neil John V. Lacerdo, Vence Ian Salvaleon and Artemio Samillano II sprint the last 5 laps for 10,000m.

Surpassing the heats for each event, the UA team advanced to the finals against NIPSC and Capiz State University (CAPSU).

The team started to chant the yell “mga subay permi ga buligay!” to boost the energy and morale of the exhausted faces of the sprinters racing around the oval.

Eventually, the team crossed the finish line with the UA Hymn playing on the background as the victors celebrated their eight additional golds.

In the end, NIPSC ranked first runner up with three golds, four silvers and one bronze while Central Philippine State University (CPSU) landed as second runner up with two golds and one silver in men’s category.

In the women’s category, West Visayas State University (WVSU) was declared the overall champion with seven golds, 10 silvers and three bronzes, Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT-U) bagged seven golds, one silver and six bronzes ended up as first runner up, and Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC), the host school, finished as second runner up with three golds and one silver.


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