CTE scores satisfactory passing rate in LET

The  September 2021 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) results were posted just in time when University of Antique (UA) held its Thanksgiving Day on November 29, 2021.

Graphic design by Avelino Lagunday Jr.

College of Teacher Education’s elementary level scored 90.91% passing rate and the secondary level, 77.08% passing rate in the board examination.

Ten out of 11 first time takers passed the exam in the elementary level while 37 out of 48 first time takers made it in the secondary level.

Dr. Runato A  Basañes, dean of College of Teacher Education (CTE), was elated with the news and offered this milestone as a birthday present to Dr. Jelyn O. Alentajan, vice president for academic affairs, and Dr. pablo S. Crespo Jr., university president.

“My congratulations to all the passers for making it despite the pandemic problem. Kudos for doing a great job and making your college proud. Let us continue to pray for our future LET takers,” said Dr. Basañes said.

He added that there is a need to increase the passing rate since the college is planning to apply as a Center of Development.

Dream Rose M. Delos Santos, a Bachelor of Special Education (BSPED) graduate shared the struggle in becoming a LET passer in the new normal.

She said that it challenged her faith, patience, strength and courage.

“My journey has never been easy, it was a rollercoaster ride. One thing I learned is that – never discourage yourself to believe, because when your time will come, it is worth the wait,” Delos Santos said.

The overall LET results showed 55.96% passing rate in the elementary level and 57.76 in the secondary level%.

Written by Marianne T. Palcat

Mr. & Ms. UA 2021: CBA female bet secures back-to-back, CAS male rep wins on second try

The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) savored a back-to-back victory as Kate Ann Pagsuguiron sealed the crown while Macky Delgado from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) finally brought home the title on his second try in the recently concluded Mr and Ms University of Antique (UA) 2021, which aired via delayed telecast on UA Facebook page on November 10, 10pm.

CAS represent Macky Delgado and CBA, Kate Ann Pagsuguiron won the titles as Mr. & Ms. UA 2021.

Mr. and Ms. UA has traditionally been the highlight of every HUGYAW event, and this year, the pageant was revived after a year off due to the pandemic, through adapting the new norm in pageantry where all categories are pre-taped.

“Amidst the pandemic, I think it is really important that we should celebrate activities like pageant because hugyaw is not just about pageantry but a celebration of how UA was able to come up with the activities that could add up to the success of the university,” Pagsuguiron replied when asked about the relevance of pursuing the HUGYAW.

Moreover, Pagsuguiron also took home three minor awards including Best in Production Number, Swimwear, and Interview.

Meanwhile, Delgado of CAS bagged the Mr. Photogenic award.

“This is my second time joining this competition, and I have experienced a lot with people; with the presence of the audience and no audience as well. Every year, I get to meet new people and it’s truly amazing,” Delgado said.

This year’s pageant was quite more challenging as the candidates had to do their own makeup in order to limit the close contact with people.

There was also a surprise when the final question came from Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

Furthermore, Hans Christian Magsipoc and Cristyl Kate Esclabanan from the College of Technology (COT) bagged the second runner-up, while Kevin Ryan Condes from the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) and Trixie Kate Boston from the College of Teacher Education (CTE) finished as first runners-up.

RSCS introduces new title: Ms. and Mr. Hugyaw 2021

UA Hamtic Campus represent Jed Bruce Cabanal and CEA, Angelica Yap Lotilla won the titles Mr. & Ms. Hugyaw 2021.

With a new title introduced in this year’s pageant, UA Hamtic Campus (UAHC) representative Jed Bruce Cabanal finally got a crown and Angelica Yap Lotilla from the CEA as Mr. and Ms. Hugyaw 2021, respectively.

“I am very much happy that I was crowned as Mr. Hugyaw 2021, with this I am very thankful to my support system, my family, friends, UAHC faculty and staff as well as its RSCS,” Cabanal expressed.

Also, Cabanal stated that upon winning he is encouraging everyone to be vaccinated as it is one essential step for UA to have face to face classes again.

“The relevance of pageant amidst the pandemic is that we achieve the mission and vision of our university, I believe that University of Antique embodied the strength, resilience and transity,” answered Lotilla when asked about the relevance of pageant in this time.

Both aced the formal wear category, while Cabanal was awarded as best in swimwear, Lotilla on the other hand graced the formal wear which secured their spot for the crown.

Written by Louie John Servancia and Marianne Palcat

CLCMS to offer computers, internet for UAeans in Dao

‘SarayUhAn’, an e-learning hub joint project of University of Antique (UA), LGU-Tobias Fornier, and Concepcion L. Cazeñas Memorial School (CLCMS) was launched at the said school yesterday, September 16.

Santi, the UAean mascot, appeared during the launching of ‘SarayUhAn’ at CLCMS.

The said project will help UA students (graduate and undergraduate) and CLCMS faculty members in the conduct of their synchronous classes.

“It is always with the thought and a prayer that we find ways and means to help the students. That’s why I’m very happy because we have this e-hub in Tobias Fornier housed in CLCMS,” Dr. Pablo S. Crespo Jr., UA president said in his speech.

‘SarayUhAn’ was a timely project following his announcement of having weekly synchronous classes at UA.

The e-hub is equipped with computers provided by CLCMS and UA, and internet connectivity provided by LGU-Tobias Fornier where e-skUelA or the Kasubay Learning Management System (LMS) can be accessed for student’s synchronous and asynchronous classes.

The computers will provide UAeans in Dao a hub to work on their learning materials and internet for their online classes.

“Our hearts in CLCMS are full of joy because of this collaborative SarayUhAn, e-learning hub. We did not dream of this before, because we are just simply an institution of learning, but it happened with the support of the stakeholders,” Mrs. Delia F. Sio, CLCMS Principal, expressed in a speech.

On the other hand, Hon. Loren Legarda, Deputy Speaker and Representative, Lone District of Antique gave a message through a recorded video stating that the e-hub will serve as a safe place for everyone to converge, study, to connect, work and learn.

Vice Governor Edgar Denosta, SP Don Don Niquia, SP Majella Plamera, SP Fernando Corvera, Mayor Jose Maria A. Fornier, Vice Mayor Florante Cazeñas, SB Ma. Orchid Fornier, CLCMS faculty members, Abaca barangay officials, and UA key officials with its official mascot, Santi were seen in the event.

‘SarayUhAn’ is the second e-hub launched by the university following the launching of the first one in Laua-an, November 2020.

Written by Marianne T. Palcat

UAeans urged to use e-skuela

Main campus director, Dr. Nelly E. Mistio, urged students to use the e-skuela app, calling it a “bridge” between them and the school in the delivery of learning content during the two-day orientation on September 9-10.

Main campus director, Dr. Nelly E. Mistio, was present at the LMS orientation of students.

“To use efficiently and effectively our e-skuela: the kasubay Learning Management System (LMS), it is a prerequisite to know the how-to[s],” she emphasized during the LMS orientation.

(Watch LMS orientation Day 1: https://www.facebook.com/universityofantique/videos/571500830726869)

Mistio affirmed that after the orientation, students will be knowledgeable of the utilization of the app.

“We hope after these series of orientation, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills in manipulating our LMS because starting September 13, 2021, you will be officially part of the UA educational system journeying with the pilot of the kasubay aircraft, Dr. Pablo S. Crespo Jr. towards our destination to be the leading university in science and technology and in realizing our mission which we put in a mantra ‘Transforming Lives, Building Communities’,” she furthered.

Meanwhile, the Management Information System (MIS) and LMS Technical Support group taught the student-attendees on navigating the eskUela LMS and its mobile application through  video tutorials as they answered the questions from the students who attended.

(Watch LMS orientation Day 2: https://www.facebook.com/universityofantique/videos/544777056774695)

Engr. Roger Mission, member of the LMS Technical Support team, shared one of the advantages of using the eskUelA.

“[LMS] is beneficial to all the students of the university. With the use of the eskUelA application, you can access your learning materials even though you have no internet connectivity,” he explained.

Likewise, Institutional Planning and Development (IPD) director, Engr. Jacinto Valera, stated that first year students are tech-savvy and are considered “techno-natives” so all they need to watch are video tutorials to learn the navigation skills.

The LMS Technical Support group shared that the video tutorials can be accessed also in the MIS Facebook page.

(LMS video tutorials cloud: https:/bit.ly/LMSOnboardingVideos)


For Francine Elaine Emar, a 4th year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BS InfoTech) student, the LMS helped her as a working student.

“Ang nabulig gid kang LMS sa pag eskwela ko kaja nga pandemya is, as a working student, kapot ko ang oras ko anytime anywhere pwede ko ma answeran ang mga activities. Pwede ko ka answer kang exams kag in case madura ang internet connection sa balay pwede ako kaadto sa iba nga lugar kag pwede ko obrahon ang mga activities nga gin tugro kang amon mga instructors,” Emar shared.

Ma. Ellenor Loquinerio, a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPED) student, believed that the e-skuela app is student-friendly since she can access her courses offline.

“Bahol gid ang nabulig kanakon kang eskuela app, when it comes to delivering quizzes and activities and also, it is easy to access in the sense mabuksan mo tana offline kag wara ako nabudlayan since student-friendly man ang app,” Ms. Loquinerio said.

Written by Francis S. Mission

Student support, service continuity plans unveiled

The Student Affairs and Services (SAS) director, Dr. Wilfredo N. Muhat, with the university registrar, Jocy F. Teologo, and dean of discipline, Prof. Mario Cayetano, presented necessary information about the resources and support services for students this academic year albeit non-face to face classes today, September 8, via Zoom and Facebook livestream.

As part of this year’s BUTLAK, Dr. Muhat presented SAS continuity plans highlighting flexible delivery of strategic actions for Guidance and Counseling, Career and Job Placement Services, Economic Enterprise Development, Student Handbook and Development, and Student Development Services which include Leadership Training, Student Government and Student Organization election, Student Discipline, and Student Publication/Yearbook.

Likewise, other student programs and services were also presented such as Admission Services, Scholarship and Financial Assistance, Food, Health, Safety and Security, Foreign/International Students, Culture and the Arts Services, Sports and Development, as well as Community and Involvement Programs.
Dr. Muhat also underscored that the delivery of these services should be preferably online and if requires limited face to face gathering, the persons involved must follow the proper health protocols and standards implemented by the Inter-Agency Task Force – Antique.


Dr. Muhat presented the available scholarship grants such as CHED-STUFFAP, DOST, CHED-Tulong Dunong, LGU-Sibalom scholarship, and Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES); students can also avail of the private scholarship such as ANJUSH-Builders and PLDT 2G which prioritizes education courses with specializations in English, Math, and Science.

“All enrolled students at UA are enjoying the Republic Act 10931 or Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education having free tuition and free miscellaneous,” the SAS director revealed.
He explained further that UA students do not need to apply for TES since all officially enrolled students are endorsed by his office to the portal of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Unified Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UNIFAST).

On the other hand, Mrs. Jocy F. Teologo, university registrar, addressed the concerns about admission requirements for new students and other enrollment matters.

She mentioned that the Registrar’s office provides online services such as sending links for entrance examinations, enrollment, changing, adding, and dropping of subjects, as well as program shifting.
Teologo explained that all credentials required for admission are sent online and the entrance examination is given once in every academic year.


Prof. Mario Cayetano, dean of discipline, discussed the students’ code of conduct and discipline.
He mentioned that the key to an effective and efficient institution is that having a foundation of firm, fair, and just discipline; and the VMGOs of UA may be realized if the students obey the rules and orderly conduct, exercise self control, show consideration of rights of other individuals, and accept the consequences of their actions.

Cayetano presented the student offenses which included the classification of offenses – according to sanction and according to form – and corresponding penalties.

Written by Alden john C. Tubale

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