RSCUAA Basketball: NIPSC endures UA in overtime for the win

About five seconds remaining time of the last quarter, Giovanni Pasaquian with his fleet-footed moves, scored three points resulting in an overtime, 65-65, in the men’s basketball championship game played between University of Antique (UA) and Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC) at Natalio G. Velez Sports and Cultural Center, today, 11:00 am.

UA Red Ants rejoice as the score tied 65/65 with only one second left on the fourth quarter resulting to overtime.

The crowd went wild after the unexpected tie with one second remaining time before the end of the last quarter.

Mark Anthony Rizardo wearing jersey number one scores two points in fourth quarter scoring 59/65 with his lay up.

NIPSC dominated the court during the first minute of the game, yet UA avenged with two swift consecutive three point shots by Paul Adrian Flores and Dale Udani before the end of the first quarter, prevailing them against NIPSC, 20-17.

Dale Jessemer Udani, team captain ball scores first two points in overtime with his lay up. 

The tables were turned after the first half when NIPSC snatched UA’s dominance leaving them with an 11 point lead in the second quarter gaining control of the game, 27-38.

UA gained a couple of points through lay-ups but couldn’t keep up with NIPSC on the second half, 42-54.

Meanwhile, Santi the Ant, UA’s mascot, appeared during the additional five minutes (overtime) of the game and cheered along with his fellow kasUbAy.

The tension of the UA Red Ants enveloped the venue when NIPSC got its first two points during overtime, UA then followed with a swift three point shot.

But eventually, NIPSC prevailed with the team’s series of lay ups during the final seconds, 83-74.

Sarig lang sa imaw namon kag depensa, buruligay kami as team, hard work. Gusto daad namon madaog kaso bukot para kanamon. Ginbuhat man namon ang best namon (We relied on each other and our defense, worked as a team, and did the hard work. We wanted to win but it’s not yet the time. We did our best though),” Pasaquian said.

UA settled with a silver medal for the second time and to qualify in the finals after a long drought.

Meanwhile, Capiz State University (CAPSU) battled for bronze against Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC.)

NIPSC which was the defending champion was also UA’s close rival in the Regional SCUAA held at Estancia last year.


Author: theprismdaily

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