4th JournLead seminar goes virtual

Amidst difficulties brought by the ongoing health crisis, aspiring campus journalists of University of Antique assembled in an online platform for the first time during the conduct of the 4th JournLead Virtual Seminar for Campus Journalists sponsored by The Prism, December 11-12.

Participants in this virtual event are composed of editors, staff, and their advisers from various campus papers in the UA System.

The first day of the virtual seminar covered Collaborative and Leadership Skills among Campus Journalists with Mr. Risty Clent Aquito as the resource speaker.

Mr. Aquito emphasized on the keypoints that are needed by campus paper writers in order to be successful in the implementation of their plans especially during a time where there is a health crisis.

“Consider your organization as a family, build a strong relationship to every member of the organization because there’s no amount of assignments, projects, and activities could be tantamount to a group that goes and work well together,” Aquito said.

The day two of the virtual seminar jumpstarted with Mr. Julbert Paloma who tackled Opinion Writing in the Time of Pandemic in the morning session and closed with Ms. Christine Joy Espares who took the virtual room for News and Feature Writing in the Time of Pandemic in the afternoon.

During her lecture, Espares stressed that publications need to “adapt to situations and writers should assess what they’ve done rather than impress others with their bylines written in the article and their positions in the publication.”

She acknowledged how The PRISM tried alternative platforms to deliver news and other content at a time like this when print publications are difficult to produce.

In this slide, Ms. Christine Joy Espares acknowledges the effort of The PRISM to shift to alternative platforms in order to continue the delivery of news and information to its clienteles. The PRISM maintains a WordPress site, a Facebook page, and a stack of publications at issuu.com.

It can be recalled that the PRISM, while maintaining a WordPress site and a Facebook page, launched its first digital publication of the maiden issue of its Rafflesia magazine via issuu.com on November 25 this year.

After the talk, the moderator allowed the participants to ask questions and clarifications to the speakers.

Participants from The Mentor asked about tips in time management, news formula such as LTQTQT whether it is still usable in college campus paper writing or not; the questions were addressed accordingly.

Participants get freebies

All participants who have registered according to the number of slots reserved for their publication will receive OTG flash drives to be utilized for publication and educational-related purposes plus earphones for their school publication virtual meetings.

“Journalism is a big part of my life and what makes me stay in this field is my constant aim to learn more. Journlead is actually one of my most awaited seminar for journalism. I am very happy that despite of the challenge brought by the pandemic, I also like the idea of virtually meeting friends from other publications,” Faith Saim, participant from The Mentor.

This webinar will also serve as preparation for the upcoming Virtual College Press Conference and Awards by the Philippine Information Agency Region VI to be held on December 15-16.

Over a hundred participants coming from college publications in the main, external, and satellite campuses participated in this virtual event.

Written by Marianne Palcat and Louie John Servancia

Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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