UAeans urged to use e-skuela

Main campus director, Dr. Nelly E. Mistio, urged students to use the e-skuela app, calling it a “bridge” between them and the school in the delivery of learning content during the two-day orientation on September 9-10.

Main campus director, Dr. Nelly E. Mistio, was present at the LMS orientation of students.

“To use efficiently and effectively our e-skuela: the kasubay Learning Management System (LMS), it is a prerequisite to know the how-to[s],” she emphasized during the LMS orientation.

(Watch LMS orientation Day 1:

Mistio affirmed that after the orientation, students will be knowledgeable of the utilization of the app.

“We hope after these series of orientation, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills in manipulating our LMS because starting September 13, 2021, you will be officially part of the UA educational system journeying with the pilot of the kasubay aircraft, Dr. Pablo S. Crespo Jr. towards our destination to be the leading university in science and technology and in realizing our mission which we put in a mantra ‘Transforming Lives, Building Communities’,” she furthered.

Meanwhile, the Management Information System (MIS) and LMS Technical Support group taught the student-attendees on navigating the eskUela LMS and its mobile application through  video tutorials as they answered the questions from the students who attended.

(Watch LMS orientation Day 2:

Engr. Roger Mission, member of the LMS Technical Support team, shared one of the advantages of using the eskUelA.

“[LMS] is beneficial to all the students of the university. With the use of the eskUelA application, you can access your learning materials even though you have no internet connectivity,” he explained.

Likewise, Institutional Planning and Development (IPD) director, Engr. Jacinto Valera, stated that first year students are tech-savvy and are considered “techno-natives” so all they need to watch are video tutorials to learn the navigation skills.

The LMS Technical Support group shared that the video tutorials can be accessed also in the MIS Facebook page.

(LMS video tutorials cloud: https:/


For Francine Elaine Emar, a 4th year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BS InfoTech) student, the LMS helped her as a working student.

“Ang nabulig gid kang LMS sa pag eskwela ko kaja nga pandemya is, as a working student, kapot ko ang oras ko anytime anywhere pwede ko ma answeran ang mga activities. Pwede ko ka answer kang exams kag in case madura ang internet connection sa balay pwede ako kaadto sa iba nga lugar kag pwede ko obrahon ang mga activities nga gin tugro kang amon mga instructors,” Emar shared.

Ma. Ellenor Loquinerio, a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPED) student, believed that the e-skuela app is student-friendly since she can access her courses offline.

“Bahol gid ang nabulig kanakon kang eskuela app, when it comes to delivering quizzes and activities and also, it is easy to access in the sense mabuksan mo tana offline kag wara ako nabudlayan since student-friendly man ang app,” Ms. Loquinerio said.

Written by Francis S. Mission

Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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