Student support, service continuity plans unveiled

The Student Affairs and Services (SAS) director, Dr. Wilfredo N. Muhat, with the university registrar, Jocy F. Teologo, and dean of discipline, Prof. Mario Cayetano, presented necessary information about the resources and support services for students this academic year albeit non-face to face classes today, September 8, via Zoom and Facebook livestream.

As part of this year’s BUTLAK, Dr. Muhat presented SAS continuity plans highlighting flexible delivery of strategic actions for Guidance and Counseling, Career and Job Placement Services, Economic Enterprise Development, Student Handbook and Development, and Student Development Services which include Leadership Training, Student Government and Student Organization election, Student Discipline, and Student Publication/Yearbook.

Likewise, other student programs and services were also presented such as Admission Services, Scholarship and Financial Assistance, Food, Health, Safety and Security, Foreign/International Students, Culture and the Arts Services, Sports and Development, as well as Community and Involvement Programs.
Dr. Muhat also underscored that the delivery of these services should be preferably online and if requires limited face to face gathering, the persons involved must follow the proper health protocols and standards implemented by the Inter-Agency Task Force – Antique.


Dr. Muhat presented the available scholarship grants such as CHED-STUFFAP, DOST, CHED-Tulong Dunong, LGU-Sibalom scholarship, and Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES); students can also avail of the private scholarship such as ANJUSH-Builders and PLDT 2G which prioritizes education courses with specializations in English, Math, and Science.

“All enrolled students at UA are enjoying the Republic Act 10931 or Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education having free tuition and free miscellaneous,” the SAS director revealed.
He explained further that UA students do not need to apply for TES since all officially enrolled students are endorsed by his office to the portal of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Unified Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UNIFAST).

On the other hand, Mrs. Jocy F. Teologo, university registrar, addressed the concerns about admission requirements for new students and other enrollment matters.

She mentioned that the Registrar’s office provides online services such as sending links for entrance examinations, enrollment, changing, adding, and dropping of subjects, as well as program shifting.
Teologo explained that all credentials required for admission are sent online and the entrance examination is given once in every academic year.


Prof. Mario Cayetano, dean of discipline, discussed the students’ code of conduct and discipline.
He mentioned that the key to an effective and efficient institution is that having a foundation of firm, fair, and just discipline; and the VMGOs of UA may be realized if the students obey the rules and orderly conduct, exercise self control, show consideration of rights of other individuals, and accept the consequences of their actions.

Cayetano presented the student offenses which included the classification of offenses – according to sanction and according to form – and corresponding penalties.

Written by Alden john C. Tubale

Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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