On-boarding program begins

The University of Antique (UA) launched the on-boarding program with a virtual presentation of essential information about the university and its Learning Management System (LMS) to the freshmen via Zoom and Facebook Live today, September 7.

The UA Student Regent, Isaac Joshua F. Cunanan, was present at the studio during the on-boarding program of the orientation activities of the University. | Photo by the MAC Team

This year’s introduction of UA to its incoming first year students emphasized the institution’s venture as a bamboo university, its main theme for internationalization and in support to its vision and the essence of ant, its spirit animal to the UA community.

University President, Dr. Pablo S. Crespo, with Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Jelyn O. Alentajan, spearheaded the first part of the on-boarding program for the new students as they discussed the essential information about the university.

Aside from presenting the Board of Regents (BOR) and key officials of the university, Dr. Crespo also discussed the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the university while Dr. Alentajan talked about the institutional outcomes and highlighting the notable alumni of the university who embodied the attributes of UA graduates.

“Ang mga kasUbAy, aside from the fact that we are strong, hardworkers, nagabuligay(helping each other), ang mga kasUbAy, gapreparar para sa future… By starting (k)ang pag-eskwela sa University of Antique is already preparing for your future,” Dr. Crespo said.

The first day of on-boarding program continued to the meet and greet of colleges to its freshmen until afternoon and the second part will start tomorrow with the orientation about eskUelA, the university’s LMS that would last until Friday, September 10.

Written by Jorielyn E. Martizano

Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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