CMS holds Ulayaw for faculty, students

To support the international day of the seafarer, University of Antique – College of Maritime Studies (UA – CMS) conducted a virtual activity – UlayAw 2021: Day of the Seafarer, with a theme “Fair Future for Seafarer” on June 25.

The virtual event hosted series of webinars to be conducted by  Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Main and Region VI Offices, showcased the talents of UA maritime students with two virtual contests: Marino Got Talent and  Marino, ano ang COVID story mo?

Among the classes that participated, Clarence Aaron Almonte of BSMarE 1E aced the “Marino, ano ang COVID story mo?” who emphasized the importance of having good mental health in the time of pandemic.

“As one of the midshipmen who [joined] in the event of UA-Marino Got Talent, it overwhelmed me a lot knowing that most of my mates in the different sections of different levels had their own unique talents to showcase, and are also competitive in a positive way. This shows that [maritime] students are not only excellent when it comes to  workloads but are also gifted with different artistic skills,” Brent Oliver Abucejo of BSMT 2A, champion in Marino Got Talent, said.

Gracing the activity was Dr. Pablo S. Crespo Jr. university president, who shared that the communication received from Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granting government authority to operate for the BSMT and BSMarE was the best gift UA have received.

“So to the students of University of Antique, this is what I say, do your best, ipakita ang kwalidad kang mga Marino galin sa University of Antique ( show the quality of maritime students from University of Antique),” Dr. Crespo added.

Meanwhile, the CMS faculty and students attended beforehand the virtual activities prepared by MARINA Region VI: Usapang STCW, Webinar Conserving Philippine Biodiversity with Coastal and Marine Environment, Prostate Cancer Awareness: A Health and Wellness Webinar for Seafarers and Virtual Concert: Tribute to Seafarers.

“I believe that this activity helps build camaraderie, gain confidence and establish relationships among maritime students. It will also help promote their overall well-being. Remember as long as we have each other, we can help each other, cheer each other up and comfort each other. This pandemic will not stop us from moving forward,” stated Dr. Peter Ralph Galicia, OIC Dean of CMS.

UlayAw means “paglilibang” or enjoyment and is an activity that draws the interests of seafarers during their free time onboard, it can be in aform of games, singing, and different kinds of entertainment that lessen their homesickness.

Written by Marianne T. Palcat, editor in chief

Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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