UAeans live by, exemplify core values

University of Antique’s (UA) participation in the week-long celebration of the 27th Founding Anniversary of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the 1st National Higher Education Day continued by highlighting its Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives (VMGO) and its Core Values via Zoom and Facebook live on May 20-21.

“All stakeholders of UA should have a clear understanding of its VMGO, not only its executive groups, teachers, and other personnel but also each student and their families, the community that UA serves, its partner agencies, and future partners because all of us are working together towards its attainment,” Dr. Nanette V. Dionisio, vice president of RECETS, remarked.

During the virtual event, Dr. Pablo S. Crespo Jr., university president, spoke in the “Kilalaha ang UA” segment, a presentation about understanding UA’s VMGO.

Upon the discussion of UA’s vision, Dr. Crespo elaborated that a leading university in science and technology possesses strong and vibrant academic and research programs in the sciences and its application which is supported by rich and strong programs in humanities geared towards critical and creative thinking.

Recently, UA identified one of its niche in science and technology in the area of “KKK Revolution” that stands for Kawayan, Karan-an, and Koron.

Moreover, Dr. Crespo conveyed that “the most significant activity in UA is always its graduation” because according to him, in graduation we could say that we are true to our mission. “This is our purpose, to help the Antiquenos so that they can help their families as well,” he said.

The activity also featured the UA visual identity in the image of the Statue of Progress and the spirit animal, Santi, that exemplifies the code of conduct of UAeans.

Core Values Exemplified, Lived

On May 21, the activity focused on concretizing the four Core Values of UA which are integrity, social responsibility, excellence, and commitment, led by Dr. Jelyn O. Alentajan, vice president for Academic Affairs (VPAA).

Invited speakers and alumni were given airtime to talk about each core value, speakers who served as living testimonies to the ideals of the University.

Former dean of College of Teacher Education, Dr. Ninfa D. Coronado, was present in the virtual activity to talk about living by the core value of integrity as a member of the UA academic community.

“The type of choices we make and the actions we do especially if no one is watching us shapes our integrity,” Dr. Ninfa D. Coronado, 2020 Integrity Awardee and a former dean and principal, respectively, of College of Teacher Education (CTE) and Laboratory High School (LHS), said.

This activity also featured a segment called “The Posters Speak” where students, faculty members, alumni, and parents shared their stories, own quotations, and insights about the four core values.

“As a student and the oldest among my classmates, I make sure that all of them are updated with the lessons by sending them uploaded soft copies of our topics in their emails and telling them about activities and quizzes,” Jesus M. Obliga, BSBA Marketing Management 2-A shared.

Written by Louie John M. Servancia, Editor in Chief

Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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