500 cyclists join symbolic ride on UA’s founding anniversary

In line with the celebration of the University of Antique’s (UA) 67th Foundation Anniversary, more than 500 cyclists joined in the 10-km symbolic ride as part of the launching of kasUbAykers, the official cycling club of the University today, January 19.

The kasUbAykers took the lanes in a symbolic ride during the launching of kasUbAykers Cycling Group of University of Antique. | Photo by Vanessa Amor Buenafe

Around 12 cycling groups participated and the majority came from the northern and central towns of the province.

Wearing red and gold shirts, with IATF compliance, and in complete biking gears, the symbolic ride started from UA to Cubay Naultan – Bongsod – Pangpang – Olaga – Biga-a – Villar – Esperanza 3 – Esperanza 1 – Solong – District 2 – District 1 and then back to UA for the raffle draw of prizes for the registered participants of the symbolic ride.

“We just joined here and I really enjoyed being with other cyclists in the province, and of course, it helped me a lot physically,” Alena Deniece Andrea Alentajan, a kasUbAyker from Cadolonan, San Remigio, said.

The brotherhood among the kasUbAykers started with a few members, mostly from outside the University but as time went by, it expanded to the different campuses of UA.

The name “kasUbAykers” was derived from sUbAy which represents the spirit animal of the University.

“I am delighted that many of our young people are into biking instead of devoting their time in computers and online games. Many of them go physical which is a very good form of exercise,” Dr. Pablo Crespo Jr., University President, said.

Dr. Pablo Crespo Jr., university president, led the launching of kasUbAykers and the symbolic ride. | Photo by Vanessa Amor Buenafe

Throughout the ride, UA was blessed with the presence and guidance of Vice Governor Edgar Denosta, SP Members Karmila Rose Dimamay and Mayella Plameras-Ladislao, LGU Sibalom, PNP, MDRRMC, Barangay Officials, SP Members, UA Sports Unit, and UA ERG.

The launching also included the New Biking Curriculum to be embedded in the programs offered by the College of Technology (COT) such as Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) major in Automotive Technology with courses in Bike Mechanics, Repair and Maintenance, and the BSIT Major in Fashion Design and Apparel Technology (FDAT) with the course in Biking Apparel Design and Production.

Exactly five years ago today, UA made history as it established the Guinness World Record on the Biggest Human Formation of an Anchor with 6,000 people surpassing the 4,100 maritime students of Philippine Maritime Institute Colleges – Bohol.

Now, the highlight was the biggest human and bike formation with the shape of “UA” participated by more than 500 cyclists.

More than 500 kasUbAykers formed the image of UA during the launching of kasUbAykers Cycling Group. | Drone shot by Jayson Riobuya

After the formation, kasUbAykers danced with great delight in HataU SAyaw (Zumba Session) led by the P.E instructors then proceeded to the Symbolic Ride.

“We, P.E. teachers, really prepared for the Zumba Session and we are fortunate enough because we also became members of the kasUbAykers. We really want to share with other students that biking is good especially this pandemic,” Prof. Glea Joy Paulino, P.E. Instructor, stated.

On the other hand, University of Antique Student Government (UASG), University of Antique – Future Leaders of the Philippines (UAFLP), RSCS and UAFedFA contributed efforts to facilitate the event.

In addition, Dr. Crespo planned to launch the kasUbAykers in Hamtic Campus so that numerous cycling group from the Southern part would be able to join.

“To the students, get into sports instead of staying in the confines of your beds and do the online games. It’s better to be physically fit, to exercise, and go on biking,” Dr. Crespo added.

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Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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