Antiqueño digital artist to join a national contest

Arry Delos Santos will participate in the DTI National e-Comics Making Contest after winning in the regional level.

Above: League of legend hero, Spirit Blossom Yasuo, as conceptualized by Arry delos Santos.

One would notice the genius of a junior Computer Science student of University of Antique through his digital artworks showcasing his version of Mobile Legends and League of Legends heroes.

Aside from creating his version of these mobile game heroes, he also plays with Disney characters.

Arry, a third year BS Computer Science student from the College of Computer Studies (CCS) of University of Antique Main Campus, emerged as champion in the Department of trade and Industry (DTI) Regional e-Comics Making Contest this month.

” I would never join a competition knowing that I would be a champ. As long as I did my best, it is good enough for me.”

Arry wins against three other provincial contenders in Antique and goes to the regionals and becomes the eventual champion. Photo/ Lynna Joy Cardinal – Supervising Trade and Industry Development Specialist of DTI Antique.

Arry used his best tool in a creating a digital art which is Wacom Intous Comic Pen Tablet and laptop  with an art software. He uses it everyday in working as a freelance digital illustrator and this is the reason why he prevailed against his opponents.

” I still have unfinished work that I need to comply. I also struggled on how to write a storyline  that flows according to the plan. That time, I only have five days before the deadline  and it was really a tough challenge for me because of sleepless nights that I spent on finishing my digital artwork. I’m not really good in working under pressure and my only ways of getting through tough times is that, watching my comfort movie like 70th time and even listen to the music that helps me to refresh my mind and to make my body and soul calm,” he added.

Prior to the regionals, the work of Delos Santos was chosen from the four provincial entries, two of which from the main campus and another two from Tario Lim Memorial Campus.

Redress is the title of his winning entry that speaks about the consumer right to be compensated for defective items or even on availing defective services.

” No one or nothing really in particular who inspires me upon joining the online competition but all I can say is that, I really love the competition especially that this is inclined on my forte and as long as I konw, I can finished it on time,” Arry Delos Santos concluded.

The DTI e-Comics-Making Contest was conducted virtually by DTI targeting college students nationwide both in public and private schools, universities and colleges to create a comic book through the use of digital technology.

The e-Comics storyline focused on Consumer Rights and Responsibilities, Sustainable Consumption, eCommerce, Consumer in the New Normal and Deceptive Sales Acts/Practices.

As part of the Consumer Welfare Month celebration, the program endeavored to widen the reach of consumer initiatives of the government so that the country will have a proactive, responsible, and informed consumers.

Meanwhile, if the work of Delos Santos will be selected as one of the finalists in the national competition, there will be a public voting through social media as part of the criteria.

Written by Alden John Tubale

Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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