Graduating college in the pandemic

Everyone is patiently waiting, the clock ticks, phones are ready, families are seated in front of their TVs and the UA Hymn starts playing. The First Virtual Commencement Exercises prepared by the Office of the University President had everyone especially the graduating students and their family’s felt happy and proud.

Claps, cheers and screenshots were exchanged and posted; everyone celebrated. One of them is Rodelyn Tompong, a resident of Sabang West, Bugasong, Antique, a well family-oriented person.

It was her family that inspired, BS Information Technology graduate, Rodelyn Tompong to pursue this four-year degree at the University of Antique.

“After four years,I mean five years, I graduated eventually. My mind is now set to find a job,” she said.

Rodelyn spent her first year in college from Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT-U) and later transferred to UA as an irregular student. Being such was a struggle for her.

“I fought my way even though it was very difficult for me,” she said.

As a transferee, such difficulty with getting familiar to her study environment and socializing provided her with an interesting experience immersing with other students.

Being a college student, away from home, her financial needs sure is just one of the many things she hard time thinking where can she get next. Keeping everything on the budget, her food and travel expenses along with school and boarding allowances having another source of money is a must.

 “I tried online selling to support my studies,” she said when she was asked what she does with her leisure time, “I read books and I spend time with family and friends,” she added.

Rodelyn is also  an AAY Bugasong Chapter officer. She said that it is her way of showing her thankfulness to Gov. as she is a scholar from her 2nd year until she graduates.

“Eventually, I adjusted with the work of a student, a leader, and online seller. The AAY has an annual celebration each December and it requires a lot of focus too between studies and leadership duties. Time management is all I needed.”

Rodelyn is no stranger when it comes to responsibilities, growing up. Although she has an older sister, her family’s income is not enough. Her parents do selling and catching fish for a living.

“I need to find a job right after graduation because I have three other siblings who are still in school. My family is my motivation especially now that there is a pandemic and life is extremely harder,” she said.

She is confident that her degree will lead her to a nice job as an IT staff in an office, call center, or even a web developer.

She is not only a hardworking student but a person who does her best.

“She enrolled in a tutorial class with me. she knows and does her obligation as a student. She tries to live up to my expectations also, ” Mrs. Sheila Sandoy, her instructor, said.

After graduating this week, Tompong is in tears, “I am grateful that even during this pandemic,UA led by Dr. Pablo Crepo Jr. gave us a special treat by having this virtual graduation.”

Rodelyn sends her best wishes to the next graduating students, “study harder, aim your goals and ave fait always in God. Always make your parents proud. Padayun!”

Written by Iyen S. Bautista

Author: theprismdaily

The Official Student Publication of University of Antique Main Campus

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